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Welcome to The Thoughtful Bread Company.

At The Thoughtful Bread Company we believe that it’s not just our bread that will put a smile on your face; it’s the people, the ethics and the environmentally-friendly approach to business that we adhere to at all times every single day.

Bread Making

Here at The Thoughtful Bread Company we are all about Real Bread.

What is Real Bread? Real bread is bread that is made the way bread should be. Free from artificial preservatives, emulsifiers and other junk. If you ever take the time to pick up a commercial, packaged, “convenience” loaf” and read the ingredients label you will be surprised.

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All of our bread is made using traditional techniques and slow fermentation. Because the more time bread is given to prove, the healthier it is (as easier on the digestion) and the more the flavour has the opportunity to develop.

As well as our core range of everyday loaves (Wholemeal, seeded, white and granary) we produce a mouth-watering range of sourdoughs (White, Spelt, Braised Onion, Walnut & Raisin, Nettle & Chive) and other speciality breads like our signature Beetroot bread.

In addition to this we also produce a huge range of sweet and savoury extras from burger buns, sliders and brioche to croissants and other viennoiseries, flatbreads, ciabatta and more…

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