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Welcome to The Thoughtful Bread Company.

At The Thoughtful Bread Company we believe that it’s not just our bread that will put a smile on your face; it’s the people, the ethics and the environmentally-friendly approach to business that we adhere to at all times every single day.

Environmental Charter

Our Environmental Policy

We take our responsibility to minimise the impact of the business’ day to day operations on the environment very seriously here at The Thoughtful Bread Company.

Please find below an extract from our Environmental Policy.

Ensure that the impact of the business’ existence on the environment is at the forefront of every decision the company makes.

Promote a high level of environmental awareness amongst our staff, provide training and actively encourage them to suggest how we might be able to better our processes.

Effectively communicate our commitment to the safeguard of the environment to our customers, suppliers and the wider public, encouraging them to support us whenever possible.

Only source our ingredients, materials and other services from companies with a positive environmental prerogative.

Avoid use of any materials, products or other substances that might be hazardous in anyway shape or form, seeking more environmentally-sound alternatives.

Minimise our waste by evaluating the way the business operates and maximising efficient reduction, reuse and finally recycling of waste and by-products.

Minimise the waste passed onto our customers.

Endeavour to continually better the company’s day to day operations, sourcing, logistics and every other facet of the company operation in favour of a positive impact on the environment.

Beyond simply looking at reducing the impact of the company’s operations, look at our we can make a positive difference to the local environment in which we operate.


See below for a video that earned us a major comendation at the 2011 Business Commitment to the Environment Awards (BCE) run by WRAP: