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Feel good funding – be part of the future of The Thoughtful bread Company

Be part of something great:

For those of you local to Bath, you’ll know how hard we have been working to make a success of our little bakery business.

You’ll also know that what is holding us back is the lack of seating and additional capacity to run our bakery courses.

Great News! We are close to completing on a lease to the premises next door. This will allow us to open up between the two premises, offer lots of additional seating for the many who want to enjoy our growing menu as well as our indulgent range of goodies to eat in, and a brand new space dedicated to our baking courses.


We need to raise an estimated £30K to complete the works.
We have raised a good amount through our corporate funding campaign (if you run a business, or work for a local business, then please click here to read more) but we’re still short so we are turning to our customers and anyone else that is keen to support a local business with a passion for sustainable food.

Why pledge?

As you’ll see below we have lots of rewards on offer against your backing. We have however already had some generous contributions from local people as well as some further afield.

It may be that you are passionate about independent businesses. It may also be that you want to support businesses with a genuine commitment to operating in a sustainable way. Or it may just be that you love what we do and want to play a part in our future.

Whatever your reasons, any contribution will be hugely appreciated, and there will be a piece of each and every one of our backers in the fabric of The Thoughtful Bread Company as our future takes place.

If you have any questions at all before you decide to take the plunge, then please do not hesitate to contact Duncan:

Your options:


Back us just for the love of it

You’ll be named on our wall along with all our other backers and will of course be on our guest list for our launch party, and you can invest as little or as much as you can afford and wish to.

Or alternatively select one of the rewards packages below:



- A branded cotton shopper bag
- A signed copy of our book, Bread Revolution
- An invite to our launch party
- A mention on our backers’ wall




- A branded cotton shopper bag
- A signed copy of our book, Bread Revolution
- An invite to our launch party
- A mention on our backers’ wall
- Lunch or afternoon tea for two people*




- A branded cotton shopper bag
- A signed copy of our book, Bread Revolution
- An invite to our launch party
- A mention on our backers’ wall
- Lunch or afternoon tea for four people*
- A voucher for a bakery course of your choosing at our bakery school




- A branded cotton shopper bag
- A signed copy of our book, Bread Revolution
- An invite to our launch party
- A mention on our backers’ wall
- Lunch or afternoon tea for eight people*
- Two vouchers for a bakery course of your choosing at our bakery school




(If you wish to become one of our big backers, contact us via email as payal won’t accept large payments)
- A branded cotton shopper bag £4
- A signed copy of our book, Bread Revolution
- An invite to our launch party
- A mention on our backers’ wall
- Lunch or dinner privately catered for either at your home or at The Thoughtful Bread Company for 10 people^
- A tailored one-to-one bakery course in your own home, or the chance to join one of our team and shadow them for a day (or night) of bread baking or patisserie for a once in a lifetime opportunity to work behind the scenes at Thoughtful Bread


Award-winning Artisan, Real Bread


Delicate canapes


Refreshing lunchtime special offers


Mouth-watering patisseries


Brunch, celebrated


Wedding cakes and catering


Bakery School


*up to a value of £20/pp
^must be within 10 miles of Bath City Centre

Back our future – a call out to Bath and the South West’s businesses



The now well established bakery on Barton Street in Bath are reaching out to the business community at large to help it’s growth but as Duncan, company founder explains, they are not after handouts:

“With the economic uncertainty that is ahead businesses need to be more careful now than ever with their spending. This is why we have chosen to offer varying levels of investment against which we are offering the businesses that choose to back us a number of rewards ranging from mince pies for the office to full corporate team building days with a fantastic meal and bread baking activities in our bakery school, corporate event catering or even a christmas meal for their staff or clients”.

 The concept is really quite straightforward. We need to get cash in the bank to finance our fit out. We are therefore inviting local businesses to help back our expansion plans and we are offering a whole load of rewards as well as the kudos of “backing the little one” up for grabs.

Businesses that have chosen to back Thoughtful Bread and bag themselves some of the catering and corporate entertainment that’s on offer include:

EP Mallory & Son Ltd

“The Thoughtful Bread Company epitomizes all that is good in an Independent Business. The traditional qualities of a home grown bakery which services the customer both in terms of being made and consumed on the premises is a rare find. Every encouragement should be given to a business that wishes to expand its success story into new horizons.”
Robert Vander Woerd, Managing Director, EP Mallory & Son Ltd

Jacobs Coffee & Mokoko

“We have been working with Duncan for the last three years and as an independent business also we have come to admire and recognise the huge effort and pride he puts into his business and customers. We have benefited so much from working with Duncan at Thoughtful Bread and without hesitation want to support him further his success in any way we can.”
Jake Harris, founder of Jacobs Coffee house and Mokoko


“I’ve supported Duncan professionally with the development of Thoughtful Bread over the years and seen it flourish with him at the helm. I certainly believe he can do anything as he has the passion, drive and focus to make it happen. All he needs now is a little support from you!”
Martin Hoyle, Managing director PMBC Ltd 

Lovejoys Wholesale

“We at Lovejoys Wholesale are very happy to support Duncan in expanding his business into the next door premises. The Thoughtful Bread Company is very well suited to Bath and we wish him every success with this interesting way of raising the finance through contacting people that he deals with. We are a local business supplying fresh fruit and vegetables to many Bath businesses and are glad to help him to grow his Company, you only have to walk past the door to smell the wonderful bread”
Neil Mortimer, Managing Director


“ We’re delighted to be a part of Thoughtful Bread’s growth. The team at SearchStar love the morning pastries, cakes and lunches, the list of favourites is endless, and we feel incredibly lucky to have you just around the corner. We can’t wait to try even bigger and better cakes! Good luck with your continued rise!”
Dan Fallon, Managing Director, SearchStar

Mogers Drewett

“At Mogers Drewett we are proud to support local independent businesses such as The Thoughtful Bread Company”
Steven Treharne, Managing Partner Mogers Drewett

Here’s how businesses can get involved:

We have devised a few set packages to make things easy for those considering getting involved. Please note that more often than not we have negotiated bespoke packages with our backers, with everything from corporate catering contracts to team building days in our bakery school and everything in between. So, if the idea of backing us interests you, but the packages below don’t appeal, get in touch and let’s talk.

  • £500 indie business support – a huge thank you from us, a mention on our patron’s wall and in social media, lunch for up to 10 of your staff and 100 mince pies for the office this Christmas.
  • £1000 – a huge thank you from us, a mention on our patron’s wall and in social media, a lunch/dinner for up to 20 of your staff or clients, and 100 mince pies for the office this Christmas.
  • £5000 – as above including a private booking of our bakery to include bakery tour, bakery course and light lunch for up to 15 of your staff or clients, and separate private lunch/dinner for up to 20 of your staff or clients on another occasion.

To date we have raised a whopping £20K of our £30K target, but it’s not too late for your firm to get involved.

“This is a very exciting time for us” explains the bakery entrepreneur. “Unlike other bakeries with large scale wholesale plans, our ambitions are a lot closer to home. We are working towards being a busy local bakery and café, supportive of, and supported by the local community”.

For all enquiries contact:

Duncan Glendinning
M: 07944797010

The trouble with bread: A country in crisis

The trouble with bread

On the back of a busy night shift I can’t help but find myself wondering where we are going so wrong.

For weeks now we have had a baker’s job vacancy advertised through all the usual channels. Yet, few have applied.

The reality is that this country in my opinion is in crisis.

“Chorley bread will do in the week, but let’s treat ourselves at the weekend”
A major issue that puts us under considerable pressure is that it seems that for most, it’s ok to buy cheap, mass
processed pappy bread in the week, and then come the weekend treat yourself to something tasty. Why are we not eating the
good stuff every day?
To me, it’s no different than saying “let’s eat caged hen eggs in the week and splash out on free range at the weekend”.
It may not be to most, as the issue of animal welfare is one that with the help of numerous celebrity chefs, thankfully is
turning a corner. So, fewer animals are being harmed as a result. But this is my point. Every single day my team and I
deal with enquiries from people wanting gluten free bread. As they sample our (non gluten-free offerings) they explain
they have an allergy and react really badly, but when we delve deeper, for the vast majority, it seems that their
condition is self-diagnosed. Coeliac disease and wheat intolerance is a genuine condition so please don’t take this as me suggesting it isn’t. I am talking about those, perhaps you, who have come to conclusions because information is not made readily available and because we are too trusting of those that sell us our food. So, we eat bad, mass-processed bread, get bloated out and tired and assume that wheat or gluten are the culprits. We have sent people home with a sample of our wheat-based goodies on many a time for them to trial, and so many have come back saying “you have given me my life back” and finally realising that it’s not just what is in the bread, it’s how the bread is made.
Chorleywood bread making process serviced a need back in the 1960′s to bring convenience and a cheaper loaf to the working
classes. I don’t argue that this served it’s purpose but just like margarine, smash and other ultra processed convenience
foods, I don’t believe they have their place today.

“Oh but proper artisan bread is way more expensive, not everyone can afford it”
Statistics show that bread comes up consistently in the top food stuffs that are most wasted. Why? Because most don’t
check their bread bin before their weekly shop. Instead, they pick up a loaf on every supermarket visit. On their return
they have a dilemma. Finish the loaf that is in there and risk not getting to the end of the fresh one, or throw the old
one away and start fresh.
How often do you eat a slice of 50/50 or best of both or whatever the current best seller from supermarket shelves is called and feel full, or even fulfilled? REAL BREAD doesn’t leave you hungry, because it has substance and sustenance to it. Furthermore when you eat Real Bread, it actually tastes like bread. This isn’t common knowledge but the proving of doughs in bread making, amongst their things, is what gives bread it’s “bread” flavour. This is why some of the really budget commercial loaves have “bread flavouring” as an ingredient, because they are produced with such haste that the flavour of bread as we know it has no time to develop.
So, take these two points and do a little arithmetic. If you have to eat twice as many slices of the commercial
convenience bread to get close to the fulfilment that a single slice of tasty sourdough or other Real Bread gives you, and if you routinely find yourself binning the remnants of your loaf because you bought fresh on your weekly shop, then you will be amazed to see that we are not that far off the mark price wise.
Also, stop and ask yourself just once why it is acceptable to pay 70p or £1 for a snack bar or such like, or even £2 or so for a slice of cake, but it isn’t to pay just a little more than that for a beautiful hand-crafted loaf to feed your family and actually put a smile on their faces.

So where does that leave us? After 6 years of growing The Thoughtful Bread Company and developing our reputation, I am embarrassed by how little bread we sell in the week to Bath’s residents and those that commute to work in our city.
This has a very real knock-on effect. I can’t afford to pay my bakers what their hard work deserves. Consider for a minute that as bakers, we work when you sleep, and our busiest times of the year are when you are on holiday such as Easter or Christmas. And all this for less than most could earn dishing out burgers at a fast food joint.

Perhaps this is why one of our lifelines for recruiting fresh new bakers has dried up. City Bristol college and others have now stopped running their bakery apprenticeships amidst government shake ups over how apprenticeships are run.

So, we are left with the very many avid Great British Bake Off watchers and home bakers, many of whom contact us each week about working for us. I usually respond asking them whether they could cope with 30 degree heat, 10 hour shifts and 25Kg sacks of flour, and most don’t follow up their vacancy enquiries.

So, next time you buy a loaf of bread, spend your money wisely. Buy from a local bakery that makes Real Bread. The Real Bread campaign offer a great little postcode finder tool on their website which will help you locate bakeries that make bread the way bread should be made.

Other ways you can do your bit:

- In hoping that my rant has opened your eyes to what the big boys such as Warburtons, Hovis and the supermarket giants don’t want you to know, help fight the fight by becoming a member of the Real Bread Campaign. Your small membership fees goes towards their costs to help campaign for decent bakeries and lobby for changes so that us as consumers are given all the facts.
- Get baking! There is nothing more rewarding and satisfying that serving a delicious home baked loaf to your friends and family, and the looks on their faces as they say “you didn’t make that!” is something that will really mark you. Go on a bread making course if budget permits as learning side by side a seasoned baker will give you real confidence. Otherwise, pick up a book or scour the internet or youtube for free recipes. You won’t regret it.
- Share this article with people within your network by linking to it from your facebook profile, twitter or other social networks.

Thank you. Oh, and if you are not put off by the heat, the bags of flour and all the hard work we put into producing our breads, we are still recruiting!

Founder, The Thoughtful Bread Company

17/02: We are hiring!

We’re hiring!

Our business is evolving and as such we have an opening for a qualified, driven and passionate baker.

We are an established Real Bread bakery based in the heart of the World Heritage City of Bath. In the 6 years we have been running we have developed a reputation for the quality of our products and our refreshing and innovative approach to baking. We are now based in premises which house our shop, our bakery school and bakery so you would be joining a team offering a huge range of really varied skills, and be given the opportunity to be part of the continuing success of our business.

You would be working as part of a 3 man team. Working in rotation, 2 weeks on nights (mon-fri, 10pm start), one week on days (mon-fri 8am start) and one saturday night shift a month.
The role would suit a baker with experience in slow fermentation, sourdoughs and working with different types of flour. We are really starting to push forward experimenting with new recipes and production methods and the day shifts will allow time to really spread your creative wings.

Please DO apply if:
- You are prepared to work nights
- You have previous experience in areas outlined above
- You have real drive and ambition and a want to experiment and innovate in the field
- You are happy working as part of a very small but driven team

We will need to know about previous experience, any up and coming holiday commitments, why you are looking to apply and a contact for a previous employer to serve as reference.

Please apply via email to

High Tea @ Thoughtful Bread: Event details

To celebrate the Great Bath Feast, we will be repurposing our bakery into a laid back tea room and offering a High Tea to remember!

How it works:

We are remodeling our shop front and bakery school to offer two large tables seating 8 or so at each, with a further 4 seats outside (weather permitting). It’s aimed to be a casual affair, idea being get involved with it all!

We will be serving/taking bookings from midday with last seating at 5.30pm. So book a specific slot if that suits, or chance it although if you do and we are fully booked then you will miss out.

On the menu: we have a whole plethora of goodies, from a flight of rarebits to some colourful and flavourful finger sandwiches and micro wrap, as well as homemade gravalax of local trout, and all manor of sweet treats including mini Bath Bun, a blood orange curd petit four and double choc ganache brownie.

And all presented on a 3 dimensional board for you to devour at your leisure along with some of our teas or coffees.

So, tasty food in a laid back, convivial setting…

Question is, are you in? We’re aiming to make a good impression and we’d love to have you.


Dates and how to book:

We will be running our popup on 3 select dates: 12th, 19th and 26th of October.

Bookings taken from midday with last bookings at 5.30pm

To reserve your place, please email with the following info:

- Your name
- Number of people
- Date and time
- Contact telephone number

We will then contact you back to confirm your booking. Alternatively pop into our shop on Barton Street or ring us on 01225 471747.

Book to avoid disappointment.

Sourdough unleashed: “A how to” to help you get baking your own at home

Sourdough: Let’s get you baking the king of breads at home…


A photo of our friends from LoveBread CIC


At the last Cake and Bake Show in Manchester, our cement mixer made a re-appearance!! over the course of 2 days, over 120 people went home with their own sourdough starter to get them going with the Bread Revolution.

Read this post to find out how to get baking your very own sourdough at home.






What on earth is it? 

Sourdough is an ancient method to leaven bread which dates back centuries, long before the availability of baking yeast.

How do I get one going?

If you were not lucky enough to attend the Cake and Bake show where we made some live to take home then starting your own is simple enough.
In it’s basic form sourdough starter or mother as it’s called is simply flour and water left to sit out to benefit from all the wild yeasts that are around us. I  time, it will start to ferment which you will notice through a bit of an acidic aroma and bubbling starting to occur. This means it is alive! ! 
To create your own from scratch simply combine 50g of flour and 50g of water and put in a container with a loose fitting lid.


Photo courtesy of Emma Nichols


A kilner jar without the rubber seal is ideal. You can always incorporate a teaspoon of either natural bioactive yoghurt, or a decent honey or even a squeeze of sweet citrus juice (grapefruit is ideal). These will help to get the starter going a little more quickly.







Keeping it alive

Like all living things your starter (which you should christen with a name by the way!!) Needs feeding.
A feed is done by incorporating equal quanities of flour and water to your exisiting starter mix.
Keeping around 400 or 500g of starter is ideal, and you will aim to take what you need from your jar for the recipe, and then simply feed it back with the amount taken out to get back to your original volume every time.  So if the recipe requires 300g, simply feed your starter with 150g of flour and 150g of water when you have taken what you need out for that day’s baking.

Where to store it

If you are baking daily then your starter can be kept out somewhere at room temperature. If however you are baking once a week or even less, then simply put it in your fridge after taking what you need from it for your day’s baking.
If you are keeping it fridged then take it out the day before you intend on baking and feed it. This will get it back up to strength to produce a delicious loaf.

Happy starter or sad starter?


Photo courtesy of Vanessa Kimbell showing a sad starter… panic not!


A happy starter should have a bubbly appearance. When added to your recipe it should float in the water you are weighing up. Using your starter 8hrs or so after feeding you will usually have it at it’s best.
A sad starter is one that is flat, very liquid and lifeless. Fear not! ! If this is the case then give it a feed and it will soon be back up to strength.
Your starter may sometimes develop a liquid on the surface. Most often this is because you are leaving it for extended periods of time between your baking. This is called “Baker’s hooch” (quite alcoholic but I would’nt advise having a shot of it!!). If this occurs simply stir it back into the mix, feed your starter and this will get it back up to full strength.




Going on holiday? 

If you are going away, then it can sit in your fridge for a few weeks. Better still why not give a friend or relative the task of looking after it, and give them a recipe to bake some of their own? You wouldn’t leave your pet alone when going away would you?
Another option is to freeze it as when defrosted and fed it will come back to life.

Let’s get baking!!

Ok so you are all set to bake. Let’s do this!


690g strong white bread flour
300g sourdough starter
350g water
18g salt


There are hundreds of recipes out there, and almost as many differing methods. This is one I like as whilst ot does require more time, no kneading is required!

1. Combine flour, water and starter in a bowl. Roughly bring mix together (a valw shaped hand with spread fingers works well). Cover and leave to sit for 15mins. This will allow the flour to absorb the water.

2. Spread the dough out on your worktop and sprinkle over the salt. Bring the dough back together and give a gentle knead. At this stage it should be all combined but tear quite easily. This is because the gluten hasnt developed.
At this stage you can decide to get physical and knead it. Or allow time to do it’s thing. Leave for 30mins at room temperature,  covered with plastic (a carrier bag is ideal for this).

3. Folding. This and time is what allows the gluten to develop to get you a beautiful, stretchy, strong dough.
Turn out on to the table and stretch the dough out bit by bit as much as it will go without starting to tear. Then fold it back in on itself and shape back into a a ball.
Repeat this process 3 or 4 times, leaving for 30mins each time until the dough feels nice and stretchy.


Photo courtesy of new baker Allan Redoble. Great work!


4. Shape. I won’t go into detail here as there is plenty of information out there but portion and shape your dough as desired. Remember that shaping your dough well and producing a loaf with a tight seem will give it structure and will produce a plumper lpaf with better definition.
When done set to prove, seam side up in your proving vessel lined with a floured baking cloth, or couche.






5. Night night. Put your loaf to sleep in the fridge. Either overnight if made when you get in from work or for the day if made at breakfast. A minimum of 8 hours but anything up to 24 hrs. 
During this time the magic will happen. Remember time = flavour. If your dough is quite wet it will alsp allow it to firm up.

6. Bake!! Take out of fridge and preheat your oven to 240′C. Put a baking or roasting tray in the bottom of your oven.
When your oven is up to temperature turn your loaf out gently onto a baking tray or better still baking stone, apply dusting of flour and score as desired and load into oven. Pour a third of a mug’s worth of water into the roasting tray and then close the door immediately. This will produce the steam which encourages the loaf to burst and helps to produce the fantastic crust.
Baking times will vary but looking at around 30-45mins. Listen for that hollow sound when tapping the base of the loaf and an even all round crust. 
Set to cool (dont give into temptation just yet) and then EAT!!

You’ve done it!!!
Now, we would love for you to share your experiences with us. To do so, or for any more tips, joining our burgeoning group of bakers on our Facebook group. Simply search for “Friends of the Thoughtful Bread Company”. We are also on twitter,  @thoughtfulbread.

Well done, you have now joined an elite.

Happy baking


Feedback from one of our Bakery School graduates

Having just had this pop into my inbox I thought it would be nice to share this with you so you get some feedback and an idea of what you might expect when you book onto one of our bakery classes:


“What can I say, Wow what a day! A wonderful welcome with a hot drink and pastry. This day of baking was part of my Christmas Present and it has to be one of the best presents I have ever received as this present will last and be revisited when I bake at home for others to share. The instruction, content and the whole feel for the day was simply wonderful with a good pace which felt comfortable. I loved the way we were all positioned around a table where we all had eye contact and could see what each other was doing (the good and the almost as good!) which was relaxing and helpful.

I have read and watched programmes on bread but I just felt that I needed to have that extra support and confidence. This day was good for novices and those with more experience as Duncan surrounded the activities with the knowledge base of how to work gluten, what to look for (in the process) and supported this by trying out a number of techniques, i.e. using kneading, using machines making different types of sweet and savoury bread etc. It was also fascinating to see part of a working bakery which allowed me to appreciate how this supports Duncans’s vision of “community” link’s. Our lunch was rustic, healthy, tasty and gave us all the opportunity to eat good bread which is all very important if you are a food lover like myself.

Our goody bags was full of quality items and yours and Patricks book which backed up everything we had learnt during the day. Bringing home our sour dough starter was another bonus and mine is still growing. Also all of our wares we had made allowed our loved enjoy our day also. I would undoubtedly recommend your courses/ experience days ( and have done so already via Facebook) if I am good enough I will add the patisserie experience to this year’s Christmas wish list!

Thanks you for a memorable, practical and most enjoyable day!”


If you are considering booking a place for yourself or a loved one, then please do take the plunge. We’ll ensure you have a cracking day and with armfuls of goodies to take home and some new skills to boot!


Visit our bakery school page for dates and booking.


Stay dry, and keep on baking!

Causing a stir at The Cake and Bake Show

I was first introduced to the crazy world of the Cake and Bake Show when on our promo tour for our book Bread Revolution. On the back of a couple of solid demo’s I was delighted to be invited back this year to showcase my bread-making skills.

With nothing to plug this year (at least not for now – watch this space) nothing short of a memorable mainstage demo would probably see this be my last appearance as baking is clearly on the up and there is no shortage of baking figures to fill their 3-day calendar of demo slots.

So, I decided at the last minute to jack in my planned demo of horseradish leaf bagels with signal crayfish in favour of something a little different…

In honour of Sourdough September and with my new Real Bread Campaign Ambassador hat on I took to the stage. In 30 minutes I aimed to dispell the myths behind sourdough and show that it can be done at home, it doesn’t require a culinary degree and you can fit it into a busy lifestyle.

But what of the sourdough starter? I could offer up a recipe (very straightforward) but just didn’t “trust” that the 100+ people in the audience would go home and get on with it… so, out comes our secret weapon… an industrial grade cement mixer.


Our friend Andrew Webb (Editor of was compering and took great delight in unveiling the appropriately Real Bread Campaign branded mixer, and that was that… 20kgs of Stoneground White Flour (thanks to Mariages!) and 20Kgs of Water along with a small vile of our very own starter from back at the bakery is all it took.
As the demo ended, I was amazed. The whole audience got up, and then proceeded to form an orderly queue and with the help of our bakery apprentice Felix we sent over 200 people home with their own starter.

I thought it nice to create a parallel to anyone familiar with tamagotchi’s and simply ask they follow us on twitter @thoughtfulbread and await further instruction. The twitter chat continues, and people have given their starters some great names (there’s Porthos, Aramis and Athos, and others including Dougall and Betty – fantastic!).

As at today with the end of the month looming it is great to have played a small part in what has been a fantastic campaign to help put sourdough on the map.

For those of you not in the know, the Cake and Bake show is the industry show for all you cakers and bakers out there. They run two shows a year, one in London and one in Manchester. For more information and tickets, visit

Here’s to hopefully being invited back to the next show for the chance to continue to put Real Bread on the map, and thanks to Luke and the team behind the show, and Kate and her team at Nudge PR for looking after us all so well.


BUOuKzmIUAAU4X4 cement 

Your chance to snap up a share in our growing bakery business!

The Thoughtful Bread company is turning to a new funding platform to help raise the necessary funds required to secure and open it’s first bakery shop and bakery school in Bath. 

The company, which has developed a reputation through its innovative and sometimes quirky range of breads and supplying farm shop and restaurants is making the move from it’s humble beginnings in Green Park Station in Bath to a yet to be disclosed location at the very heart of the World Heritage City of Bath. 

Duncan, founder of the company had this to say: 
“This is a hugely exciting next step for us. This feels like the culmination of almost 4 years of hard work for myself and my team and we have some really exciting plans for the months to come. The funding mechanism we have turned to will allow us to offer the local community to own a small share in the company. Whilst we have always been supportive of, and supported by the community through our bartering scheme, charity support and more, it has always been privately owned and this is all about to change”. 

Crowdfunding enables businesses or organisations to raise necessary capital for a start-up or next stage of growth by turning to a larger number of smaller investors rather than a smaller or even individual, large investor. 

The Thoughtful Bread Company is looking for investment from as little as £500 and as much as £5000, and as well as owning your very own share in a local, artisan bakery they are offering some rather tasty rewards and are even offering bread for life to the top tier investors! 


Find out more:

Click here for full information on how to invest


Finalists in Baking Industry Awards

There are no other awards more seriously contested and highly regarded in our field than the Baking Industry Awards.

Every year, applications are welcomed from bakers, confectioners and bakeries around the country, willing to pit themselves against the best of the best.


As a very young company we were a little hesitant to enter and put ourselves up against much longer-established bakeries, but there was no better way for us to measure ourselves against the competition.


After a visit from the judging panel we were delighted to have made the finals, and an invite ensued.

The venue, The Hilton in Park Lane, London, no less, and the date was set for the 7th of September.

Due to a recent bereavement, Duncan Glendinning, founder of The Thoughtful Bread company, was unable to attend as he needed to fill in at the bakery on the night shift. Head baker Patrick Ryan was there to represent.


The product that got us to the finals in the category of Speciality Bread Product of the year was our Slow Grana Padano loaf.


This very special bread was born out of a unique partnership between ourselves and the Slow Food UK organisation. The partnership was born at the BBC Good Food Show Winter ’10 when we supplied the Slow Food stand with some of our Great White Sourdough for them to use in there popular taste adventure. As their way of saying thank you, they donated a good portion of the Grana Padano cheese, a Protected  Designation of Origin (PDO) cheese of real pedigree. We set about developing a very special loaf as our way of sharing the Slow Food story and a small thank you for their generosity.

The bread is a heady mix of the hard italian cheese, walnuts and honey, made as a sourdough, providing a perfect balance of sweet, savoury with a slight sour undertone from the sourdough.


The event was star-studded with TV presenter Richard Madeley kicking off the proceedings in a glamorous Carnival themed night where no expense was spared.


We sadly did not bring home the trophy on this occasion, but came a close second to Bachmanns Bakery’s Rosemary & Raisin loaf. The other finalist in our category was Greenhalgh’s Craft Bakery’s Sweet Carribiean Brioche Naterre bread.

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