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Feedback from one of our Bakery School graduates

Having just had this pop into my inbox I thought it would be nice to share this with you so you get some feedback and an idea of what you might expect when you book onto one of our bakery classes:


“What can I say, Wow what a day! A wonderful welcome with a hot drink and pastry. This day of baking was part of my Christmas Present and it has to be one of the best presents I have ever received as this present will last and be revisited when I bake at home for others to share. The instruction, content and the whole feel for the day was simply wonderful with a good pace which felt comfortable. I loved the way we were all positioned around a table where we all had eye contact and could see what each other was doing (the good and the almost as good!) which was relaxing and helpful.

I have read and watched programmes on bread but I just felt that I needed to have that extra support and confidence. This day was good for novices and those with more experience as Duncan surrounded the activities with the knowledge base of how to work gluten, what to look for (in the process) and supported this by trying out a number of techniques, i.e. using kneading, using machines making different types of sweet and savoury bread etc. It was also fascinating to see part of a working bakery which allowed me to appreciate how this supports Duncans’s vision of “community” link’s. Our lunch was rustic, healthy, tasty and gave us all the opportunity to eat good bread which is all very important if you are a food lover like myself.

Our goody bags was full of quality items and yours and Patricks book which backed up everything we had learnt during the day. Bringing home our sour dough starter was another bonus and mine is still growing. Also all of our wares we had made allowed our loved enjoy our day also. I would undoubtedly recommend your courses/ experience days ( and have done so already via Facebook) if I am good enough I will add the patisserie experience to this year’s Christmas wish list!

Thanks you for a memorable, practical and most enjoyable day!”


If you are considering booking a place for yourself or a loved one, then please do take the plunge. We’ll ensure you have a cracking day and with armfuls of goodies to take home and some new skills to boot!


Visit our bakery school page for dates and booking.


Stay dry, and keep on baking!