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Welcome to the news section! We are busy bakers but we try to do our best and chronicle all the fun things we are up to.

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We are always looking for passionate bakers to join our team.

We are happy to consider:

- More experienced bakers for full time work with competitive pay
- Apprenticeship opportunities for less experienced bakers embarking on a new career
- Casual bakers wanting odd shifts here and there (fridays are ideal as they are our busiest bakes)

Duties would include:

- Sourdough production
- Straight yeasted breads and hybrid sourdough/yeasted breads
- Longer fermentation overnights/sponge doughs
- And other speciality products

Shifts at present are a mix of days and nights, but work will involve night shifts so please consider this before you get in touch.

To express an interest and find out more, please contact Duncan via email: