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Welcome to The Thoughtful Bread Company.

At The Thoughtful Bread Company we believe that it’s not just our bread that will put a smile on your face; it’s the people, the ethics and the environmentally-friendly approach to business that we adhere to at all times every single day.

About Us

The Thoughtful Bread Company is an artisan bakery based in the West Country just outside of Bath.
The bakery is the brainchild of Duncan Glendinning who moved to Bath to study Computer Science at the University of Bath. After Graduation he then developed a career in web development which although lucrative, simply wasn’t offering what he was after.
It was a chance appearance on the hit BBC TV Show “It’s Not Easy Being Green” with the Strawbridge Family that gave him a taste for sustainability and the environment and oddly later let to being offered a role as sustainability manager on an eco-tourism project out in Fiji. During his time out there Duncan honed his sustainability skills looking at everything from waste management to growing their own crops and even building a biogas digester to turn animal waste into gas they could cook with.
Upon his return from Fiji he had cemented the idea of setting up a business that would allow him to combine his two passions, sustainability and slow food and in particular bread. The Thoughtful Bread Company was born.

Today the company is lucky enough to have gained a solid reputation as not only one of the leading artisan bakeries in the country, but one of the most refreshing and innovative through it’s use of foraged ingredients, it’s standpoint on local sourcing right the way through to the bartering we do with our customers who bring us their gluts of fruit and veg which we reward in bread!