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Join us in our stunning, purpose-built bakery school room and step into our world of baking! 


Bakery courses @The Thoughtful Bread Company

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About your tutor

Duncan Glendinning is the founder of The Thoughtful Bread Company. His enthusiasm for baking and getting people interested and involved in baking, as well as his growing public profile is what has earned him his ambassadorship at the Real Bread Campaign.
He has also co-authored the book, “Bread Revolution”, and appeared on a number of TV projects.

Here’s what course participants had to say about him:
 ”I loved your enthusiasm, attention to detail and will definitely pop into the shop when I’m next in Bath.”

“You have a really nice way with people, you are very inclusive and your rapport with the group was great. Lots of great, inspiring and interesting content in the workshop. [...] I really enjoyed the workshop, meeting the other people who came along and was inspired to hear about your business”

 My personal promise to you:

- A full and fun-packed day spent with a small group of like minded people
- A goodie bag to take home
- Armfuls of your own baked goodies to share with your family and friends
- Breakfast, lunch and afternoon tea with refreshments to keep you fed and watered through the day
- Me “on tap” for any niggling issues that may remain after you leave that day to ensure every single course participant achieves that perfect home-baked bread. 

Introduction to bread baking: £160

Duration: 7hrs minimum. 9am start.
Refreshments and lunch will be provided
9 places/course (a perfect day to share with your family and friends)       

The introduction to bread making course is designed for both beginner and intermediate bakers.
Perhaps you have never made a dough in your life but you are curious. Or perhaps you have been baking a while but have been getting mixed results and want a better understanding of how bread making works and get better consistency with your baking? 
Either way this bakery course will cover most aspects of baking through the 3 recipes we do on the day. The focus will be on one particular dough which we work with from dry ingredients to finished loaves and goodies, entirely by hand. This allows us to really get into the chemistry and magic that is happening behind the scenes. The other couple of recipes illustrate quick bread making and also working with enriched doughs using egg and fats for more indulgent offerings. You will walk away a more confident, clued in baker with plenty of tips and tricks of the trade.

The Holy Grail: Sourdough Baking £160

Duration: 7hrs minimum. 9am start.
Refreshments and lunch will be provided
9 places/course (a perfect day to share with your family and friends)
(Requires a good beginner understanding of baking basics)

To many, sourdough is the Holy Grail of break baking. It demands an understanding of bread making and the chemistry behind it that will put all but the most hardened and committed bakers off. 
If terms such as Autolyse, Stretch and Fold, Sourdough Starter, Bulk Fermentation and many more mean little or nothing to you then panic not. We’ll have you baking unbelieavable sourdoughs at home in complete confidence by the end of the day with us. We will also show you how to fit baking into your busy lifestyle and how sourdough baking techniques can be applied to a wide range of products.
Please note: Most Sourdough Baking courses are run over 2 days. To keep this course as affordable and accessible as possible, we are running it as a 1 day course. Therefore, bring plenty of energy and enthusiasm for the day!


What people have said about our workshops and classes:

“The workshop was great, good information and the pace was about right and I feel your enthusiasm about all things “bread” has inspired me to try baking” ~ Martin Page
“Lunch was just great – bread variety – great flavours, wonderful pastrami (where did it come from)? thought the Bath Blue wonderfully creamy – I am a blue cheese lover, and was glad to be introduced to the other cheeses.  A convivial meal.”
“I enjoyed the day immensely and I am looking forward to experimenting with my bread making in the future.”

“I think the goody bag was wonderful and great your book is included in the price.  Other courses I have been on, do tend to end on a sales pitch, which in my opinion changes the atmosphere for the worse.”




As seen on Nigel Slater!

We had a fantastic day in Nigel’s company when he visited our bread hut, bought bread and later made us lunch with it.
Click on the links below to watch us featured on Nigel Slater’s Dish of the Day:
Nigel Slater shopping at our market stall! Click here
Nigel Slater making us lunch! Click here 

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Up & Coming Dates:

 17th February 2018: The Holy Grail – Sourdough Baking - 2 places remaining  £160
 3rd March: Introduction to Bread Baking – 1 place remaining  £160

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